Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome to my new reading blog Books Are Life - Vita Libri!!!

Welcome to my new blog about books and all things reading!  Why a book blog - well simply because I love reading books, researching books, talking about books, shopping for books, basically anything to do with books!   If you too are a reader, you know what I'm talking about :) So this new blog allows me to share my passion and connect with other people who share this love! 

I grew up in a home where reading was highly valued and there were books around always.  I LOVE IT!!

I'm not sure exactly everything that this blog will turn into yet but I would love to share some of my favorite reading resources/websites, author profiles, reading recommendations from me and my friends, and any other recommendations you may have. 

I am mostly a reader of fiction but would love to expand my reading genres!

Lately I have been into what seems to be this new niche in the mystery world - the themed mystery novel.  There are cat mysteries, mysteries about shopping, decorating, embroidery, tea, wine, cheese, honey, donuts, cupcakes, purses, . . . and I could continue.  If you are into a light, simply read, these mysteries are definitely for you. 

I hope you enjoy my new venture and I look forward to talking reading with you!

Books Are Life,


  1. Heather - Welcome to the blogger world. I just started my blog on February 6th. I'm having a blast and I bet you will too. We have a common friend - Julie at Reading without Restraint.

  2. Welcome to the book blogging world. You're going to love it here! It's such a fun place to find new friends, new books, and just have a good time. So glad to have found you via the Hop!