Cozy Series

I love reading books that are part of a series!  I love returning to the same characters and seeing what they are up to.  I also have found that I am really enjoying my cozy mysteries and I have found that the genre has really grown recently offering me even more books to enjoy.  I am the type that has to read my series books in the right order, and find that it is so difficult to go to the bookstore and pick up a new series book without knowing which one came first.  On this page I am offering some of my favorite cozy series with all the books in the right order!  Enjoy! 

Cozy Series
(alphabetical by author last name)

Avery Aames (Cheese Shop Mystery)
1.  The Long Quiche Goodbye
2.  Lost and Fondue

Ellery Adams (Books by the Bay Mystery)
1.  A Killer Plot
2.  A Killer Cliche

Lorna Barrett (Booktown Mystery)
1.  Murder is Binding
2.  Bookmarked for Death
3.  Bookplate Special
4.  Chapter and Hearse
5.  Sentenced to Death

Jessica Beck (Donut Shop Mystery)
1.  Glazed Murder
2.  Fatally Frosted
3.  Sinister Sprinkles
4.  Evil Eclairs
5.  Tragic Toppings (2011)

Miranda Bliss (Cooking Class Mystery)
1.  Cooking Up Murder
2.  Murder on the Menu
3.  Dead Men Don't Get the Munchies
4.  Dying for Dinner
5.  Murder has a Sweet Tooth

Kate Carlisle
1.  Homicide in Hardcover
2.  If Books Could Kill
3.  The Lies That Bind
4.  Murder Under Cover

Sammi Carter (Candy Shop Mystery)
1.  Candy Apple Dead
2.  Chocolate Dipped Death
3.  Peppermint Twisted
4.  Goody Goody Gunshots
5.  Sucker Punch
Laura Childs (Cackleberry Club Mystery)
1.  Eggs in Purgatory
2.  Eggs Benedict Arnold
3.  Bedeviled Eggs

Laura Childs (Tea Shop Mysteries)
1.  Death by Darjeeling
2.  Gunpowder Green
3.  Shades of Earl Grey
4.  English Breakfast Murder
5.  The Jasmine Moon Murder
6.  Chamomile Mourning
7.  Blood Orange Brewing
8.  Dragonwell Dead
9.  The Silver Needle Murder
10.  Oolong Dead
11.  The Teaberry Strangler
12.  Scones and Bones

Cleo Coyle (Coffeehouse Mystery)
1.  On What Grounds
2.  Through the Ginder
3.  Latte Trouble
4.  Murder Most Frothy
5.  Decaffeinated Corpse
6.  French Pressed
7.  Espresso Shot
8.  Holiday Grind
9.  Roast Mortem
10.  Murder by Mocha (2011)

Melissa Glazer (Clay and Crime Mystery)
1.  A Murderous Glaze
2.  The Cracked Pot
3.  A Fatal Slip

Dorothy Howell (Haley Randolph Mysteries)
1.  Handbags and Homicide
2.  Purses and Poison
3.  Shoulder Bags and Shootings
4.  Clutches and Curses (2011)

Lucy Lawrence (Decoupage Murder Mystery)
1.  Stuck on Murder
2.  Cut to the Corpse
3.  Sealed with a Kill

Amanda Lee (Embroidery Mystery)
1.  The Quick and the Thread
2.  Stitch Me Deadly
3.  Thread Reckoning

Hannah Reed (Queen Bee Mystery)
1.  Buzz Off
2.  Mind Your Own Beeswax

Natalie M. Roberts (Jenny T. Partridge Dance Mystery)
1.  Tutu Deadly
2.  Tapped Out
3.  Pointe and Shoot

Michele Scott (Wine Lover's Mystery)
1.  Murder Uncorded
2.  Murder by the Glass
3.  Silenced by Syrah
4.  A Vintage Murder
5.  Corked by Cabernet
6.  A Toast to Murder
Livia J Washburn (Fresh-baked Mystery)
1.  A Peach of a Murder
2.  Murder by the Slice
3.  The Christmas Cookie Killer
4.  Killer Crab Cakes
5.  The Pumpkin Muffin Murder