Monday, July 11, 2011

Book Review - Cook the Books by Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant

Title:  Cook the Books (Gourmet Girl Mystery #5)
Author:  Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant
Publisher:  Berkley Publishing
ISBN:  9780425232460

Synopsis:  Chloe Carter desperately needs a job, so she takes one assisting a cookbook writer. Unfortunately it stirs up painful memories of her ex- boyfriend Josh, who left her for Hawaii. While compiling a book of recipes from Boston's top chefs, she comes in contact with one of Josh's friends, Digger. Chloe manages to stay cool until later she finds Digger's apartment charred-with Digger in it.

Not believing that an expert chef would die from a grease fire, she sets about looking for Digger's killer. But things get sticky when the tragedy brings Josh back to Boston-and back into Chloe's life.

My thoughts:  I enjoyed this latest installment of the Gourmet Girls Mystery series.  Chloe and her friends have matured a great deal throughout the course of this series, which is a welcome change.  I found the murder mystery interesting and it kept my attention.  After reading this entire series, I realize that I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the main character, Chloe, was involved somewhat in solving the murers, but was not all of a sudden an expert investigator and solving every mystery in town as in other cozy series I have read.

I recommend this series for a fun, simple, relaxing read with a culinary twist!

My Rating:  :) :) :) :)  Liked it!

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