Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday! What books have you lied about?

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This week's Top Ten

What are the top ten books you have lied about?

1.  The Harry Potter series = When this series came out and was all the rage, I was working

 at  Barnes and Noble as the Children's section supervisor.  Of course, I felt that I had to read

the series.  At times I was wondering why at my age I was reading these "children's" books.  I

haven't made it through the entire series yet, but I will someday!

2.  Origin of Species by Charles Darwin = This book was assigned reading during a class in

my freshman year of college.  I tried and tried and tried to get through the book, but the best I

did was fumble through.  Of course, when it came time to class discussion I pretended to sound

brilliant :)

3.  Working by Studs Terkel = Again, this was assigned reading during a class in grad

school.  I had an assignment to do a small class presentation/discussion on a chapter of the

book.  Ugh, not my kind of reading.  I do remember reading my assigned chapter during class

and alas I was ready for the discussion :)

4.  Some of my cozies = I do love my cozy mysteries, but I have to admit sometimes I feel

guilty reading this genre.  I will not feel guilty - they are fun!!!

5.  A Celine Dion biography = Yes, you heard me right, a biography about Celine Dion.  I will

completely own the fact that I love Celine Dion.  If I had a voice like hers, I would be a very happy

camper - and a little richer :)

Ok, I could only come up with 5, but it's a good start!

And Remember,
Books Are Life,

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