Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A lovely literary suprise . . .

I headed to the library tonight to pick up a couple of books that were finally available and imagine my surprise when I get a free Advanced Reader's Copy just for checking in on Foursquare at the library!  Fabulous!  To a book lover like myself this is like being a kid in a candy store!

So what did I get you ask . . . (ok, so it came out 2/22/11 so it's not so advanced, but I'm happy :)

Synopsis (from

Freelance writer Troy Chance, the protagonist of Henry's impressive first novel, impulsively, and literally, dives into trouble when she sees a youngster fall from a ferry boat on Lake Champlain. Troy manages to rescue the boy, discovers that his fall was no accident, and after brief, anonymous reports to the police, embarks on an ill-conceived attempt to become the boy's protector. Bonding with the boy, she eventually learns his name, Paul Dumond; his age, six; and that he and his mother had been kidnapped and his mother later shot and killed. Troy locates Paul's Canadian father, Philippe, and reunites father and son, but she is unwilling to end her involvement. When the police can't find the kidnappers, Troy starts to probe more deeply into the lives of Philippe, his abducted wife, and Paul's captivity. Henry adroitly handles Troy's exposure to new emotions as she re-examines her life and relationships. An inconclusive ending may signal that Chance's journey is not yet over. (Feb.)

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