Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are you a harcover book or a paperback book??

Happy Saturday all!  I just found this quiz posted by Hilde on The Turn of the Page!  It is quick, easy, and fun!  Take the quiz here, post your results on your blog, and encourage others to take it! 

You Are a Hardcover Book

When it comes to reading, you tend to stick to old and modern classics.  You are picky about what you read.  You probably anticipate certain books' releases, and you snatch them up the moment they're available.  You have been building a library of books that mean a lot to you.  You carefully consider every book before decidend to add it to you collection.  You believe that if a book is worth reading, it's worth paying more to have it in hardcover.

What are you?

Books Are Life,

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